Nebraska Pain Institute_ExteriorEntrance
Dr. C. Weston Whitten’s vision was to establish a comprehensive pain center, encompassing a clinic and ambulatory surgical center, and housing allied practices for holistic treatment approaches. Davis Design joined the project when Dr. Whitten secured a prime location at the junction of Pine Lake Road and Highway 2 in Lincoln.

After several months of design meetings with Dr. Whitten, a program was developed, and schematic plan options began flowing. Saddled with several easements, including the need to provide a water clarification drainage way along Highway 2, it became evident that to maximize the building footprint a boomerang shape would be the best option. The boomerang shape would provide for the site constraints and fulfill parking, circulation, and service needs. 

The facility comprises a 9,000-square-foot clinic on the second floor, a 6,500-square-foot ambulatory surgical center on the first level, and an additional 19,000-square-foot reserved for future tenants. Natural light floods the space, enhancing the design’s harmony with dynamic elements like brick, natural stone, and a sleek metal panel system, culminating in an integrated and inviting architectural aesthetic. 

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