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Davis Design was selected to craft an innovative Ambulatory Surgery Center and Clinical Office at a prime 2.27-acre location on 27th and Old Cheney Road. Due to the site’s topography, a two-level layout was explored, featuring at-grade entrances on the west and east sides for the Surgery Center and Clinical Office, respectively. The Surgery Center, with a focus on specific healthcare architectural design features, spans 12,975 square feet and boasts two operating rooms and versatile pre-op spaces tailored for optimal patient care. Additionally, five PACU bays ensure efficient post-surgery recovery, complemented by a thoughtfully designed patient circulation plan.  

The Clinical Office, occupying 3,500 square feet on the lower level, includes exam rooms, offices, and a central core area, all meticulously designed for privacy and functionality. Moreover, the property reserves 4,600 square feet of shell space, aligning with forward-thinking healthcare growth strategies. The building’s exterior harmoniously combines cultured stone with purposeful metal panel accents, strategically highlighting entrances and signage for an impactful presence in healthcare architecture. 

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Wade Stange, retired Principal