Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital
healthcare facility planning and design leaders, Davis Design was selected to work on Madonna’s new facilities master plan. The hospital renovation included a revamped main entrance and on-level concourse redefining Madonna’s visitor experience, boasting a 7,000-square-foot heated concrete concourse and curb-free walkways. Floor-to-ceiling windows flood the space with daylight, while interactive wayfinding aids patients, families, and visitors navigating the campus. 

The new 59-bed patient wing was constructed to enhance patient care, with Brain Injury and Spinal Injury services on the second level and Long-Term Acute Care on the third. Each floor optimizes space, segregating patient care and visitor areas from storage and service zones. 

 This 112,000-square-foot addition not only expands Madonna’s footprint but also aligns its image with the exceptional rehabilitative care offered by its staff. 

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Wade Stange, retired Principal