Bryant Klotthor, PE

Associate III | Mechanical Engineer

Bryant has enjoyed figuring out how things work ever since he worked on cars at his dad’s body shop. In 2014, Bryant earned his Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. As a mechanical engineer, Bryant works alongside our architects to design the mechanical systems for our clients. For Bryant, no two projects are the same, but that’s what he loves. He enjoys working with clients and working through different solutions to see why one would benefit them more than another. Bryant is especially passionate about making his mechanical systems energy efficient.


Hausmann Construction Corporate Headquarters, Lincoln, NE / Eustis Body Shop, Lincoln, NE / Nebraska Department of Corrections Wood Shop & Print Shop, Lincoln, NE


I enjoy golfing, most sports and being outdoors in general. I am partially colorblind and am an English Bulldog enthusiast.