Michael Wachal, PE, LEED®AP

Principal, President, CEO | Senior Structural Engineer

Mike has been with Davis Design since 1988 and is now a Principal and the Chief Financial Officer. Once Mike started in design, he knew he was in the right place because he would constantly lose track of time. For Mike, most clients eventually become friends. In fact, he has done so many projects that he can’t even pick a favorite for fear of insulting the friends he has made along the way. Mike loves the Davis Design team and is passionate about each and every aspect of the company.


Lincoln Electric System New Operations Center, Lincoln, NE / West Haymarket Parking Decks #1, #2 & #3, Lincoln, NE / Kawasaki Rail Car, Lincoln, NE / West Gate Bank Center, Lincoln, NE / Oxbow Animal Health Office & Production Center, Papillion, NE


I love the summer heat!