Kelsey Wildman, IIDA

Associate | Certified Interior Designer

An Omaha, Nebraska native, Kelsey is a creative who loves the challenge of interior design. Similar to a puzzle, Kelsey enjoys assessing every aspect of interior design for her client and is eager to find a solution that is cohesive and accurate. She is passionate about taking a client’s needs and desires and finding a solution. At Davis Design Kelsey feels that she constantly has the opportunity to test her skill set and grow as a designer.


One of the most difficult questions for me to answer is where I fall in the sibling line-up in my family.  I was originally a youngest who was so much younger that I exhibit mostly oldest child traits.  But with the adoption of my sister who is twelve years younger than me, I officially became a middle child.  I just choose to think I have the best traits of all the birth order spots.