Aubrey Wassung

Associate | Architectural Designer

Aubrey Wassung is originally from Wayne, Nebraska. She joined Davis Design in 2020 after graduating from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln with a Master of Architecture in 2018. Aubrey loves both the physical act of construction and the beauty of well-planned details. She understands that for her, no two days will be the same, and she is energized by the diverse thoughts, perspectives, and desires of her clients. She plays an active role in each of her projects, from conception to completion, to ensure that her clients receive the best service possible.


DPA Auctions / TNNG Health Plaza / Lincoln Airport Expansion


Uniquely, Aubrey has double-jointed shoulders and also picks up new skills easily. Aubrey lives by the quote, “Truth, beauty, freedom, love – the bohemian values” from Moulin Rouge.