the resort at firethorn | lincoln, nebraska


The Resort at Firethorn, Lincoln, NE

The Resort at Firethorn was designed with the goal to attract a younger demographic to the private Firethorn Club with amenities and style not to be found at other area public or private facilities. More specifically, it was about uncovering views of the swimming pool and the most scenic hole on the attached par-3 golf course, while creating an ambiance second-to-none. The building was purposely sited to do just that.

It started by selecting a site that would sit high up, but also slope down abruptly, lending itself to a walkout lower level for direct pool access. With the pool sitting on the sunny, south side of the building, the main access point needed to come from the north – also taking into consideration the surrounding golf course and residential developments. This created an almost ‘two-faced’ building with the north entry side of the building being primarily closed off and understated, blocking the cold winter winds and with only a small area of glass inviting guests inside. As one experiences the building from the north to the south, it explodes with expansive glass and views of the largest private pool in Lincoln, splash pad and slide integrated into the sloping site.

The support functions, such as the kitchen and locker rooms, hug the north side where views are less necessary while the restaurant, fitness center, multipurpose room and pro shop have more expansive glass views looking south, blurring the line of interior versus exterior space when it’s most appropriate. A large canopy shades the floor-to-ceiling glass on the south side from the intense summer sun, while creating an extensive, yet comfortable covered deck space for people to enjoy the view. The building is clad with warm wood tone panels and natural stone to help it feel like a modern retreat in the wilderness.

Strengthening the connection to the outdoors, exterior elements are reinforced inside with the use of composite wood panels and stone finishes at select interior locations. Wood-look tile is used as a connecting element throughout the first floor and was laid at an angle to draw the eye to the outdoors. Neutral walls act as a counter to the vibrant exterior views and at night, the orb light fixtures illuminate the space with a unique graphic pattern. The family-friendly lower level houses the locker rooms, golf shop and pilates studio with finishes that are highly durable and low-maintenance, but offer pops of color echoed throughout.

The Resort at Firethorn is truly a unique property and should not be passed-up, given the opportunity to visit.

“This was our first venture into a project of this magnitude. The terrific team at Davis Design held our hand from concept to completion. They helped us create a fun, yet functional space for our members and employees and we couldn’t be more pleased with how our building and all the furnishings turned out. The unbelievable team from Davis Design was there for us through every step of the process and continues to help us to this day.”
Mark Wible, Manager at The Resort at Firethorn